Bell Creek Single Family Owners’ Association is proud of its Clubhouse and hopes you will enjoy using it.

                               We also hope you will treat it as you would your home and preserve it for the enjoyment of others.

                               Please contact the Bell Creek Clubhouse Committee at:                                                                                                                    with your questions or concerns about the Clubhouse.

                                For emergencies at the Clubhouse call:  911, Hanover County at (365-6140), or Community Group at (270-1800)

Bell Creek Clubhouse Rules and Regulations:

1.   The Clubhouse may be rented by Bell Creek homeowners. Reservations are on a first  come, first served basis.

2.   All Clubhouse reservations must be made through the Bell Creek Clubhouse committee                     
Reservations may be made no more than 12 months in advance.

3.   This agreement must be completed, signed and returned to Community Group with any rental fee and deposit to secure your              date.

4.   No fee will be charged to Bell Creek Single Family clubs (those approved by the Board of Directors and are open to the entire                community), but a $300 security deposit will be required. A rental agreement must be signed by the Clubs director                                    and kept on file. 

5.   No fee or security deposit will be charged to Bell Creek Single Family committees (ARC, Social, Communications, etc.) 
      as long as there are no damages. A rental agreement must be signed by the chair of the committee and will be kept on file. 

6.   There will be a $160 rental fee plus a $300 security deposit to Rent Bell Creek Clubhouse. These payments should be made in two        separate checks, made payable to Bell Creek Single Family HOA. For security reasons, cash will not be accepted. Payments of the        rental fee and security  deposit are due within one month of the time that the reservation is made.

7.   The Clubhouse is available for rental between 9:00 a.m. and midnight. All persons must vacate the premises by midnight.

8.   The security deposit will be refunded provided there are no damages to the Clubhouse or surrounding area, no items are                      missing, the building is left secure with no doors or windows left unlocked, the premises are left in an orderly condition, no                  unusual or excessive cleaning needs to be done, trash has been disposed of properly,  and no noise complaints are received. If              the building is left unlocked, your entire deposit will be forfeited. Any charges made against the deposit will be explained. The            cost of cleaning or repairing damages will be deducted from the deposit. If the cost of cleaning or making repairs exceeds                      the amount of the deposit, the renter will forfeit the deposit and pay the  Association the difference within ten days of receipt of        a written explanation of the charges.

9.   Coordinate with the Bell Creek Clubhouse Committee to open the clubhouse and to secure the clubhouse at the end of your                event.

10.  If the event is canceled less than two weeks prior to the event, the rental fee will not be refunded.

11.  If a Clubhouse event is cancelled, 24 hours notice must be given. If proper notice is not given, the security deposit may be                     forfeited.

12.  Private functions shall be attended by and under the supervision of the renter at all times.

13.  Only the Clubhouse may be rented. Clubhouse renters and their guests are not permitted to use the swimming pool, tennis                  courts, storage rooms or snack bar.

14.  No more than 100 guests are permitted in the Clubhouse at any event.

15.  Animals are not allowed in the Clubhouse.

16.  No fees for admission or refreshments may be charged, nor shall the Clubhouse be used for sales purposes or to realize a profit          in any way.  Bell Creek Community Sponsored Events will be exempt.

17.  No obnoxious or offensive activity shall be permitted nor shall anything be done that annoys or is a nuisance to anyone                          in Bell Creek.

18.  No illegal activities are permitted.

19.  All persons using the Clubhouse must comply strictly with the Hanover County noise ordinance. Music and noise must be                     reduced at 10 p.m., so as not to disturb neighbors. Police reports about noise will result in a loss of the security deposit.

20.  Alcoholic beverages are allowed, provided it is disclosed on the rental application and assuming compliance with all regulations         of the Virginia Department of Alcohol Beverage Control. Alcohol must be complimentary in nature and may not be sold on the             premises.  All alcohol must be removed from the property at the end of the event, and no alcohol may be left in the Clubhouse             the night before the event.  If you serve alcohol at your event, it must stay in the Clubhouse. Alcohol may not be served to                     anyone under the age  of 21 years or anyone who is intoxicated. Smoking is not permitted in the Clubhouse at any time. Guests           may smoke outside of the Clubhouse, but cigarette butts must be properly disposed of.

21.  Prior to holding an event, the renter should check the condition of the Clubhouse and immediately report any damages to                   Community  Group.  If this is not done, the renter will be considered responsible for all damages found after the event.

22.  No birdseed, rice, confetti or sparkles may be used on the premises. 

23.  No decorations may be attached to the walls. No tape, thumbtacks or nails are permitted. Failure to comply may result in a loss         of the  deposit.

24.  The Clubhouse furniture must remain inside the building at all times. Please lift tables and chairs instead of dragging them                   across the floor.      Any furniture that is moved must be returned to its original location at the end of the event.

25.  CLEANING: Clubhouse renters are responsible for cleaning up after the event and must  use their own cleaning supplies and                  vacuum cleaner. Cleaning includes, but is not limited to, removal of all trash from the premises, cleaning of all floors,                              restrooms, kitchen facilities and appliances.  Carpets must be vacuumed, tables and counter tops wiped clean,  and doors and            windows wiped clean of smears.  Trash left in or around the Clubhouse will result in a deduction from the security deposit. 

26.   After any event, remove any items in the refrigerator, turn off all interior lights, and leave the Clubhouse as you found                          it. Please walk around the Clubhouse and confirm that every door and window is locked.

27.   Clubhouse food, drinks, paper products, coolers, etc. are not to be used by Clubhouse renters or their guests.

28.   Bell Creek Single Family Residential Owners’ Association is not responsible for lost or stolen articles.

Bell Creek Clubhouse Rental Fees:

  • Rental Fee is $160 per event
  • Security Deposit is $300                                                                          (This fee is Refundable if no damages are found after your event.) 
  • The fees must be paid with 2 separate checks.                                           No other form of payment is accepted at this time. 

Rental of the Bell Creek Clubhouse includes:

  • Access on the day of your event from 10 am until midnight
  • (24) White Plastic Folding Chairs, (12) Leather Chairs, (8) Dining Chairs
  • (8) 6 ft Rectangle Plastic Folding Tables, (8) 4 ft Round Plastic Tables , (3) 3ft Wooden Round Tables, (1) Dining Table
  • Accommodates 100 Guests

For Information Email:

New Side Addition to the Clubhouse-

Completed February 2018

 Mail signed rental agreement, rental fee, and security deposit payable to:

Bell Creek Single Family HOA 
C/O Charles Britton,
Community Group,
      3901 Westerre Parkway,         Suite 100
Richmond, VA 23233

Bell Creek Clubhouse: 
9001 Brigadier Road              Mechanicsville, VA 23116