Per Hanover County Sherriff's Department Vehicles are not allowed to park within 20 feet of the approach side of a stop sign.

Please reference Hanover County Code
§ 46.2-1239. Parking in certain locations; penalty.

All Dogs must be on a leash!

It is against the law to permit any dog to run  at large in Hanover County

in any urban service area, areas zoned residential

or anywhere in the Town of Ashland.

Dogs are strictly prohibited to run at large

within Hanover County during the months of April, May and June.

 Contact for Animal Control

  (804) 365-6485

Stop Signs

Please make a full and complete stop at all Stop Signs. Look Both ways before proceeding.
Be aware of children and families playing and walking in the neighborhood.

                  Speed Limit

                                ​The Speed Limit for the                                                    neighborhood is 25 mph.

                             Please slow down and be                                       aware of your surroundings. 

Pay close attention while you are driving in the neighborhood.   

Managing Agent

 Charles Britton 

Community Manager

Community Group, Inc.

3901 Westerre Parkway,

Suite 100

Richmond, VA 23233

Phone: (804) 270-1800

FAX (804) 346-8640


Pet waste

Please be courteous to neighbors by not walking your dog in their yard and ensuring that any pet waste is promptly removed from common areas. Members should always walk with a disposal bag and be prepared to pick up after their pet.